Some “Extras” I Like!

You’ll be just fine on 99% of 212 workouts with zero equipment. For some, though, you might want something for a little resistance. I mean I have a set of TRX straps and a ROCK. Fancy stuff…not needed.
I’ve used everything below personally and can vouch for the quality.
Let’s workout!

TRX Duo Trainer: Short (8'-10' Anchor Points)

TRX Home Suspension Training Kit
Well worth the investment. It’s literally the only piece of exercise equipment I own now.
Besides my rock. Love my rock.

First Place Exercise Tubing - Medium Strong (Level 4): Plastic Handles

First Place Resistance Tubes
You can search for “Resistance Tubes” on the site. Several different styles, brands, price points, etc. I used these for years and they worked great.

Airex Foam Mat with Eyelets: Fitline 140

Airex Foam Exercise Mat
I’ve used a LOT of mats. Prices will range from about $19 to over $100. There’s really no need for the high end ones. But DO look for the “closed cell” feature in whatever you get. They last longer, clean easier, smell better. I’ve loved the Airex brand.

First Place Ultra Speed Rope

First Place Speed Jump Rope
Ropes will run $9-$50+. I’ve never paid more than about $24 for a rope. This brand is great. Works well and on the lower end of the prices. Jumping is such a great exercise. Perfect if you don’t have a treadmill, spin bike, etc. at home.

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