Disclaimer. Please read!
Now 212WORKOUT may not be right for YOU. Our goal isn’t to bring EVERYONE into our 212 Tribe. We value our “Tribe Vibe” very highly. It’s critical to me. We want the most committed, the most focused, the most fun, uplifting, positive people in our group! If you whine and complain when the workout pushes you, if you’re only semi-committed to personal betterment, if you’re negative and find an excuse for everything…then I’m going to kindly ask you to keep your money. 🙂
If, however, you’re focused, positive, and committed to developing THE BEST YOU POSSIBLE: BRING IT!!
I will do everything I can to help, encourage, coach, and train you to achieve exactly that.
And if it turns out to not be your thing…it’s super easy to cancel at any time.
But you’re going to love it… 
And I have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to back that up.

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